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We are a team specialized in industrial automation, with a vision for the future for the industry, for which we build software solutions for fully automatic control. Work with us and get production processes fully automatic.

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AZTEC Automation, software solutions provider for industrial automation

AZTEC Automation company, based in Brasov, was founded in 2017 with wholly private capital, having as main objective of activity the creation of software solutions for industrial automation.

AZTEC Automation was created out of a desire to participate in complete automation of the industry by offering programming services and software products. We have noticed a tendency to replace manual and semi-automatic production processes with processes fully automated in the industry, in response to the difficulty of finding labor and the need covering an increased production. We believe that this will be the future that the industry is heading towards and we want to we participate in its creation.

Our mission is to provide programs to the industry computer science with which to automate as completely as possible industrial processes, for a bigger, faster and safer production.

In 2019 we obtained ISO quality certification:
• Quality Management System SR EN ISO 9001/2008

Adrian Caziuc
General Manager AZTEC Automation

AZTEC Automation, in the beginning

In 2017 we started with a small team eager to create the dream of complete automation, having the desire to build complex projects and to find as many talented people as possible. I created completed projects the vast majority on the SIEMENS platform and a very small part on the OMRON platform. We managed to have people who they believed in our professional abilities and entrusted us with large and expensive projects, from which we learned the method of approaching such projects as well as working with new technologies.

Now we adapt

In the years of activity so far we have understood that we have to adapt to new technologies in order to work in various projects. Thus, in addition to SIEMENS, we have familiar with Allen Bradley, Schneider, Honeywell, ABB, Zenon. We want to continue learning and to we don't just limit ourselves to what we know. We consider that this is an asset that we come in addition to the others and we want to trust our customers that we can help them regardless of their requirements.
It is for this reason that we ask the people we work with to have the capacity for continuous learning. We want to have programmers able to develop programs on as many platforms as possible and for this we have set up a training service in the field of industrial automation.

To infinity and beyond!

The activities we carry out are those of programming and design. We decided to offer only services in this area because that's what we know best to do. In order to complete the range of services, we have chosen to focus our attention on the following activities for the future:
• Adding new automation platforms in our portfolio and as many solutions for production processes as possible.
• Expanding programming services in other areas.
• Developing new training programs for programming and electrical design.









developed for industry





To bring complete automation to the industry.


To offer the industry software solutions that automate the production processes as completely as possible.


• Development of software automation solutions using as many of the existing software platforms.
• Establishing partnerships with companies producing automated equipment and installations in Romania and abroad.
• Recruiting very talented people in the field of programming who have the capacity for continuous learning.
• Development of training programs in the field of industrial automation for beginners and advanced.

Why work with AZTEC Automation?

We are specialized in industrial programming with a long experience in creating industrial software.
Being our main activity, working with us, you benefit from a specialized service that meets your needs of automation and helps you focus on your core business.

We develop industrial software on almost all automation platforms.
Regardless of the automation equipment manufacturer, working with us, you will be able to get the automation you need.

We have experience in building large projects.
We offer you our experience in building large and complex projects, so that you have a reliable partner in development of projects.

We collaborate with specialized people when we can't handle it.
For special projects we bring together the best people in the industry to help us with development, thus, guaranteeing the success of the completion of the contracted projects.

What do you get extra if you work with us?

Specialized consulting before and after implementation
Talking with us clarifies your doubts about the technical solution, the technology used and the problems encountered.

Technical assistance after implementation
Completing a project does not mean that we no longer know each other. We are with you for at least 1 year so that you have someone to turn to if something goes wrong.

Remote intervention on automation software
For any problems that appear in your automation software, we connect remotely to help you solve them. We offer you the internet connection that you can use when you need it.

Training of technical staff
We are interested in the maintenance people to be able to intervene quickly and with knowledge on the installations and for this is we want to train them to solve the specific problems that may arise.

Management team

Adrian Caziuc

General Manager


Alexandra Caziuc

Sales Manager


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