Automation processes design

Designing and modeling to transform a physical process into algorithms that allow us to build installations and automation software.

Industrial automation software development

Transforming industrial processes into software that independently controls the equipment and ensures the safety of the operators.

Electrical automation installations designing

Designing electrical automation schemes, for electrical panels, for wiring measurement and control equipment.

Automated installations commissioning

Commissioning automated equipment and installations, following the fulfillment of the operation parameters and improving the production processes.

Automated equipment servicing

Troubleshooting the errors and restarting the stopped equipment, through interventions on electrical installations and software.

Industry technical staff training

Organizing non-formal courses for the training of technical staff in the operation and construction of industrial automation.

Gas compression

Fully automated control with independent operation and remote monitoring.

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Wastewater treatment

Process control without operator intervention for wastewater treatment plants.

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Green energy production

Green energy production without the need for human intervention.

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Concrete production

A collaborative process between automation and operator for concrete production.

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Automotive assembly

A set of applications for the control of assembly processes.

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Pumping water

Maintain water flow through independent automated control.

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Building management system

Integrated system with unlimited possibilities of integration, command, control, monitoring and reporting.

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Silo management

Software solutions for grain silo control, storage conditions monitoring

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Air treatment

Software solutions for fully automated control of HVAC, ventilation and industrial compressed air installations.

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We build software solutions for fully automated control of industrial processes

Starting from an industrial physical process, we model it to obtain automation algorithms, based on which we design electrical cabinets and electrical automation installations and build PLC control software using Siemens, Schneider, Omron, Allen Bradley, Honeywell, ABB platforms, SCADA monitoring software using Siemens, Zenon and proprietary SaaS platforms and software for analyzing measured data.
We build standardized but modifiable solutions depending on the project through which we manage to reduce production costs and times. We get involved from the elaboration of the technical solution, the implementation and follow-up of its execution, to the obtaining of the parameters established by the process. We attach great importance to following the progress of the processes after the implementation of the projects in order to bring improvements where necessary.

The impact of our projects

We facilitate the access of technical staff to continuous learning

We know that it is crucial for technical people to be very well prepared. We do this, we are constantly learning so that we can keep up with technology. We noticed that others also need to learn continuously and we chose to be the ones who can help them.
We have created 3 programs for technical people in the field of industrial automation, programs based on different professional levels:

  • Students' access to industry

  • Introduction of electrical personnel in automation

  • Training of automation engineers

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Automate using the solutions developed by Aztec Automation