Software solutions for air treatment

Software solutions for fully automated control of HVAC, ventilation and industrial compressed air installations.

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Air conditioning control

Air conditioning applications use automation programs to control air handling units with the role changes in temperature, humidity and air quality in an enclosure. Through these we ensure a pleasant working environment for people.

Production of industrial compressed air

Compressed air compressor control is the theme for a number of automation applications created. Maintaining a air flow at a constant pressure, and alternating compressor operation is what applications know how to do independent of human control.


Whether we are just talking about changing the air in a room or maintaining a constant air pressure in the room, the created applications know how to control the fans for the desired effect. Obtaining the desired parameters as well as protection fans is something we manage to do.

Software solutions for fully automated control of HVAC, ventilation and industrial compressed air installations

HVAC and ventilation systems must offer optimal conditions without too many adjustments. It is necessary that they operate independently without human intervention. The applications created help to achieve this requirement and bring improvements in interfacing with operators.

Control of air treatment and ventilation units

Being many constructive types of air treatment and ventilation units, we have created a set of automation applications that control as many of them as possible. Among them are the thermal agent installations for heating and cooling, the air treatment units CTA, RTU, FCU, fans, compressors. The applications were created to operate independently of human operators and provide the desired parameters.

Automatic control of heating, cooling, dehumidification
Automatic ventilation control
Automatic compression control

Monitoring and control interface

The maintenance teams have a need to follow the processes for which we have created graphical interfaces of the HVAC processes destined mobile devices communicating with HVAC equipment via GPRS connection. They are informed in real time about the alarms that have appeared and can intervene remotely for restart and adjustments.

Graphic monitoring and control interface
Communication protocols for mobile devices
Damage alert

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