Automotive software solutions

A set of applications for the control of production processes in the automotive industry.

Collaborative automatic control

For the processes in which the presence of people is indispensable, the automation applications we build collaborates with them through messages and images, being necessary to follow some work steps. Man-made operations are checked by the application before starting the production process to prevent errors.

Independence in production

For the processes in which the presence of people can be replaced, the automation applications we build they can take control of the robots and carry out the production process without additional external control. In such cases an optimization of the production in terms of time, quantity and quality is achieved.

Interconnection and traceability

Obtaining a finished product requires several production processes and for this we have developed applications that communicate with the production equipment, to achieve a traceability of the processes, to follow the production flow and to inform the supervisory staff about the status of the processes.

A set of applications for the control of production processes in the automotive industry

The applications created for the automotive industry follow 2 directions: safety of the production process for both human personnel as well as for the created products and the replacement of manual and semi-automatic processes with fully automated processes and independent.

Safety in production

We are interested in the applications we build to produce perfectly functional and safe parts and to protect the physical integrity of human operators. In order to achieve these, we have created applications that check the correctness of operations after each production step, communicate with human operators about the operations they have to perform and how they should perform them and ensure that any operation is performs safely for the operator. The technical solution for this field extends beyond software programs and we get involved in providing consultancy in mechanical design so that safety needs are met.

Consulting in creating safe operating solutions
Operations verification applications
Production process control applications
Communication with human operators for a collaborative production process

Independent automated control

The transition to a fully automated production process is a solution to the need for skilled labor and improved production. The applications we build can manage the replacement of human operators with robots, adapting the communication mode, the working mode, extension of control and can operate independently of human intervention, constantly communicating the condition of the machine to a dispatcher.

Interface applications with industrial robots
Automated control applications
Data transfer to the dispatcher

Interconnection and traceability

The cascade of production processes leads to the need for communication between machines and the traceability of the parts produced. The applications created build ways of communication between machines created on similar platforms and on different platforms, the route of the parts in the production process using bar codes or QR codes and the provision of platform data management software.

Industrial communication applications
Traceability software applications
Connection with management software

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