Software solutions for automatic building management

Integrated system with unlimited possibilities of integration, command, control, monitoring and reporting.

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Air conditioning control

Temperature, humidity and fresh air are vital for comfort at work. They can be controlled and monitored from where you feel comfortable through a graphical interface.

Reducing energy consumption

Turning on power consumers only when needed reduces power consumption. Each electrical consumer can be controlled and monitored individually.

Monitoring the condition of the building

The condition of all the equipment in the building can be viewed in real time, being accessible to decision makers.

Integrated system with unlimited possibilities of integration, command, control, monitoring and reporting

The BMS software uses an integrated system of applications for modern commercial buildings that have in component a multitude of technical subsystems that ensure monitoring and automation of processes. These include heating, ventilation and cooling systems, fire detection and warning and burglary systems, filtering and access control system, lighting systems and technological systems.

Ventilation control to ensure the right quantity and quality of the air introduced into rooms

The application measures air quality and controls fans and air handling units to keep in encloses an optimal air for carrying out the activity.

Refresh the air at intervals
Removal of CO2 from inhaled air
Enter the required amount of air
Extraction of vitiated air
Maintaining a set pressure
Heat recovery

Heating and cooling of spaces

The BMS application contains a set of programs designed to control HVAC units for heating, cooling and dehumidifying indoor air.

Control of installations for cold and hot thermal agent
Automation of air treatment plants
Underfloor heating control
Heating and cooling by ventilation

Management of electrical and thermal consumers

Reducing electricity and heat consumption is one of the reasons why the BMS system is built. Through the created applications we measure, monitor and control consumption to reduce costs.

Electricity measurement
Thermal energy measurement
Lighting control
Control of electrical consumers
Thermal management

Control of technological systems

There are many systems that work independently in a building. The role of the BMS application is to connect all systems for efficient management. Through the created applications, the data is transferred to / from the systems technological and operating conditions are established depending on their condition.

Monitoring electricity generators
Safety lighting monitoring
Industrial refrigeration installation monitoring
Monitoring of fire and burglary systems
System interface for access control and CCTV
Monitoring the installation of drinking water and sprinklers

Monitoring, reporting and alarm

Follow in real time the evolution of the BMS system in the building through monitoring, reporting and alarm applications. View the status of each system graphically, be informed in real time about alarms and generate reports about consumption and operation.

Intuitive graphical monitoring
Real-time alarm on multiple devices
Evolution graphs
Reports on consumption and operation
Evolution analysis

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