Software solutions for concrete stations

A collaborative process between automation and operator for concrete production.

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Production with correction at each batch

Because each batch may differ in quantity the application adjusts the quantities to the next batch, thus at the end of the production to give the required amount of concrete. The adjustment is made in real time without intervention operator.

Simplified operation

The automation application contains a graphical interface with synoptic screens through which you can follow the whole real-time process. Through the collaborative work mode between automation and operator, all operations are assisted by the application, leaving it to the operator to ensure that the whole process works in parameters.

Easy reporting

For concrete production, the application automatically generates consumption vouchers and the documents necessary for shipment. communication with the accounting department it can be done through dedicated applications, eliminating the need to transmit information on paper between station and accounting.

A collaborative process between automation and operator for concrete production

Use automation software that helps you keep track of your concrete production plant. The automation works independently and allows the operator to intervene at any time. The application package is a complete one, starting from the recipe, control and monitoring, to the issuance of vouchers and invoices.

Recipe book and consumption vouchers

We know that concrete is made based on a recipe and we came to meet an application to create recipes both locally on the computer station, as well as remotely by an engineer. For each order a sheet with the order details is created and at the end vouchers are issued consumption and data are sent to the accounting for issuing invoices.

Local recipe book with the possibility of remote charging
Intuitive graphical interface
Order reporting
Issuance of consumption vouchers and invoices
Connecting with other management programs

Independent automated control with correction

In the production process there are variations in the dosage of the ingredients of each batch. Like the concrete produced for an order which consists of several batches to be in accordance with the recipe are necessary dosage corrections of the ingredients from one batch to another. The advantage of using the proposed software solution is the ability of the program to make real-time dosing corrections as a recipe. to be respected. All data from each batch is stored for analysis, in order to know where improvements need to be made, either mechanical / electrical or programming.

Graphical monitoring and control interface, with the possibility of manual control
Storing measured values
Independent automated control
Authorizing operators to adjust the process

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