Software solutions for gas compression stations

Fully automated control with independent operation and remote monitoring for gas compression stations.

Operational safety

Designed as a fully automated system, it allows operators in the dispatcher and in his field to perform maneuvers in the station collaboratively, with permanent monitoring and rapid isolation in case of damage.

Increased efficiency

By eliminating manual handling operations in the field, all actuations are much faster and safer. Switching to a fully automated operating mode, the stations operate independently reducing operating times.

Faster intervention

The possibility of intervention was created from the local dispatcher, national dispatcher and from a distance. Operators are notified 24/24 about the place where the fault occurred and can intervene quickly.

Fully automated control with independent operation and remote monitoring

Fully automated control of gas distribution in gas compression stations. Based on strict operating rules monitors conditions and commands operating scenarios independently of human operators. Facilitates remote monitoring of the process and rapid intervention in case of damage.

Controls the gas distribution processes in the station

The application measures the temperature and pressures of the gas in the installation and establishes the route of gas distribution in depending on operating scenarios.

Measurement of gas parameters
Reading the states of the installations
Distribution equipment control

Emergency monitoring

Through a dedicated application and independent of the control one, all the distribution equipments are supervised. In the event of a breakdown, based on a cause-effect scenario, the station is switched to emergency mode and isolation measures are taken.

Monitoring the condition of the actuation and measurement equipment
Acting according to cause-effect scenarios
Station isolation
Reporting alarms

Monitoring, manual control and reporting

Manual monitoring and control by operators is done through graphical applications for local dispatchers. Through secure connections, data is transmitted to the central dispatcher and to web applications.

Graphic monitoring and control interface
Data structures for remote transmission
Establishing order rights
Reporting conditions and consumption

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