Software solutions for green energy production

Green energy production without the need for human intervention.

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Operation without operators

The hydropower automation application is able to independently control the operation without the need for operation by a person. Controls the process of producing electricity according to established operating logic and does not require additional intervention.

Optimized production

The production process being completely automated, through the control application optimal settings can be made for production of the desired amount of electricity using as little water as possible. There are 3 ways to work and the possibility of interconnection with other plants located on the same watercourse.

Remote monitoring and control

When we talk about a large number of exchanges, you can follow them all in real time from one place. it is very important. Through the communication application, visualization and control are easy to achieve. You can intervene in troubleshooting and maintains control over maintenance.

Green energy production without the need for human intervention

Creating software for independent automation is best expressed through this application which works very well without human intervention. The desired energy requirements are established by remote communication and the program makes the necessary adjustments for optimal production, communicating the status of the process to the dispatcher.

Safe production

The production of green energy through hydropower plants involves ensuring the protection of the environment and the electricity network. The application measures the water flow and parameters of the electrical network and adjusts the process so that the production is the desired one without to introduce disturbances.

Flow and water level measurement
Measurement of network parameters
Energy production at the required parameters

Distance communication

The operation of the hydropower plants is done from the central dispatching office where, through communication applications, information is received about the condition of the hydropower plants and orders are sent. The operation is minimal, as the establishment of the necessary electricity, or the mode of operation or stop and start commands. Alarms and measurements for decision making are actually transmitted at the dispatcher level.

Graphic monitoring and control interface for the dispatcher
Secure communication protocols
Connection with mobile devices for maintenance
Additional dispatcher applications

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