Software solutions for water pumping

Maintain water flow through independent automated control.

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Independent automated control

The purpose of automating water pumping stations is to operate without human operators. Automation applications that we build controls these stations independently of human operation to maintain water flow at flows and pressures established.

Remote control

The GPRS connection can be used to track the status of the stations from the dispatcher. Data on flows, pressures, operating hours and pump starts, as well as alarms. This communication facilitates the speed of interventions the service team in the event of an alarm.


Usually located in the waterfall, the pumping stations can communicate with each other to transmit data about the status of each. Decisions can be made regarding the quantities and pressures of water to standardize the flow or emergency scenarios.

Maintains water flow through independent automated control

The proposed software solution refers to an automation application for water pumping stations that have more than 2 pumps installed to standardize operation. It is suitable for cascading stations that must maintain flows and pressures over long distances.

Independent automatic control

The built application has the role of controlling water pumps to maintain levels, flows and pressures. Facilitates protection pumps by limiting the number of operating hours and successive starts. It can control the pumps by Pill / Off control or by proportional control.

Automatic pump control
Limiting the number of operating hours and starts
Sequencing of pump operation

Remote communications

Communication with water pumping stations is done via GPRS connection. The data are sent to a national dispatcher for monitoring and control. The cascading stations communicate with each other to regulate their operation.

Graphic monitoring and control interface for the dispatcher
Building secure communication protocols
Construction of communication protocols between stations

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