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Collaborative automated control for silo management

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Storage at optimal parameters

The environmental conditions in which the cereals are stored lead to a long storage. Measurement and control of parameters for conditioning the quality of stored seeds is the main function of the control application for silos.

Storage optimization

The transport of the seeds from the trucks to the storage cells is done respecting the traffic sequences in order to store them. in an optimal way, to ensure the minimization of the storage space and the assurance of the storage parameters.

Collaborative automated control

The operation of the silos is done from a dispatcher using intuitive graphical interfaces with minimal control from the operators and real-time monitoring of all installations. The control is extended by the use of mobile devices, making the intervention on much easier installations.

Collaborative automated control for silo management

The storage of seeds and cereals requires special attention and control at the same time. Storage in conditions optimal of cereals requires that the storage and conditioning systems work in parameters and at maximum capacity. For this, we have created monitoring and control applications that ensure the necessary conditions and help its operators keep the silos under control.

Semi-independent automated control

Based on the seed circulation sequences, the application controls the drive equipment and informs the operators about their condition. The start-up and operation of the installations is under the control of the operators who, based on the information provided by they have operating decisions for the application.

Controlled filling and emptying of system cells
Transport of grain between the cells of a system, bunkers and warehouses
Choosing automatic sequences of grain circulation between storage cells
Automatic sequences of safe start / stop of transport systems
Control of the drying process
Measurement and control of parameters for conditioning the quality of stored products
Centralized monitoring and control of all parameters involved in the process
Automatic management of stored products in terms of quantity and quality

Monitoring and reporting

The application provides dispatcher type monitoring interfaces. To make the work of the maintenance teams easier, we created the possibility extending monitoring to mobile devices as well.

Remote monitoring of ongoing activity and processes
Reports on the states and events involved in the activity
Communication protocols with mobile devices
Damage alert

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