Software solutions for wastewater treatment

Process control without operator intervention for wastewater treatment plants.

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Independent automated control

Automation was designed to be independent of human operators, controlling water-based treatment measurements and established limits. The control is carried out autonomously, the operators being warned only when it appears a breakdown.

Ease of tracking and controlling the process

With the help of the synoptic screens of the graphical interface, the flow of the treatment process and parameters are monitored. water, and corrections and manual commands can be made. A program for analyzing measured data for a improved control.

Predictive maintenance

The operating hours are calculated and recorded for each piece of equipment, announcing the team maintenance on the need for technical checks. Limits on operating hours are set and interventions records are kept.

Process control without operator intervention

The software solution created provides a package of applications that have the role of controlling wastewater treatment plants, to facilitate the follow-up of the process by the operators and to facilitate the work of the maintenance team. I built a completely independent of human control automation that communicates in real time with the station's operating staff.

Measurement and control of the treatment process

Using a network of sensors, the application measures water and mud parameters from the entrance to the station to the exit. Controls on the basis of measurements the dosages necessary to transform the water into one suitable for discharge.

Measurement of parameters with sensors
Determination of dosage amounts
Control of drive equipment

Process monitoring and reporting

Through graphical applications for the local dispatcher and mobile devices, it is displayed graphically information on the status of the process and reports on its evaluation are generated.

Graphical monitoring and manual control interface
Connection with the national dispatcher
Connection with mobile devices
Operation reporting

Support for the maintenance team

We help the maintenance team to carry out the technical verifications in time in order to prevent a defect that would leads to temporary shutdown of the process. We created an application that informs them about the need for checks.

Establishing check intervals
Monitoring the operation of equipment
Information through mobile devices about the equipment to be checked
Rescue and report maintenance operations

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